Season 7

Season 7

As we all know, times are tough...


As we all know, times are tough. Carioca Connection has been through a lot this past year and we had to change a few things. This season is more personal in many ways. We talk more openly about mental health. At the same time, some things never change and we're still obsessed with Brazilian language and culture. So there is a lot of the classic conversations about Brazil that you know and love. We hope you enjoy this season as much as we are enjoying the production of it.

Season 7 - Worksheets & Transcripts

S07:E01 - Mental Health: Anxiety
S07:E02 - Mental Health: Vocabulary
S07:E03 - Mental Health: Resources
S07:E04 - At the airport in Brazil...e agora?
S07:E05 - Brazilian pronunciation of airlines that you need to know
S07:E06 - The Circle Brasil - Intellectually debatable, linguistically rich
S07:E07 - Famous brands with difficult pronunciations in Brazil
S07:E08 - How to rent a car in Brazil
S07:E09 - Wait... Is Méqui Donalds a thing?
S07:E10 - Getting a haircut in Brazil
S07:E11 - Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro
S07:E12 - Búzios, Rio de Janeiro
S07:E13 - Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco
S07:E14 - Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro
S07:E15 - Finnish community in Brazil
S07:E16 - Adventures with Alexia {Special Project!}
S07:E17 - All of the end up in Singapore {Adventures with Alexia}
S07:E18 - How one Brazilian embraces different cultures {with Adriana from Adventures with Alexia}
S07:E19 - Preparing to travel to Brazil {from “The Fundamentals”}
S07:E20 - Getting sick in Brazil {Practice makes perfect from “The Fundamentals”}
S07:E21 - What is Carioca Connection Club?
S07:E22 - What the Carioca Connection Club is all about...and why you should join!
S07:E23 - How dependent are we from the internet?
S07:E24 - We're definitely dependent on the internet... And it's scary

Season 7 - Unpublished episodes

(transcriptions forthcoming)

Thanksgiving and friendsgiving
Being grateful for simple things in life
Alexia is getting into panting... And why this is important
Stage fright, do you have it?
How we deal with stage fright (+11M podcast downloads)
Learning some family vocabulary
Alexia is visiting the US (and more family vocabulary)