Foster’s WOW Project

WOW Project — Foster Hodge

Sandbox Application, 2022

An international exploration of home. Of family. Of belonging.

Join me for an audio adventure as I travel from my home in Portugal to my childhood bedroom in South Carolina. 🇵🇹 ✈️ 🇺🇸

Hodgepodge — noun. (hŏj′pŏj′)

Hodgepodge is a funny-sounding word for a somewhat funny occurrence — a grouping of things or people that typically don't fit together.”

If anything, this WOW project is a hodgepodge.

A collection of audios that chronicle my journey from my apartment in Porto to my childhood bedroom in South Carolina.

Following the guidelines of the WOW project, I began this project with no guidelines. Simply with the intention of recording a lot of audio, hopefully allowing you to get to know me a little better.

The result is a 15-minute audio diary of sorts — based on the themes of home and family. Thanks for listening.

— Foster ❤️

Audio 👇



You can click on the three dots to download the audio or change the playback speed.
Please ignore all of the business stuff. I used one of my companies websites to host.
This project was recorded all over the place — headphones recommended.


A special thanks 🙏

This project would not have been possible with the participation, support and love from:

Alexia — for everything.
Marco — my Portuguese father.
John — my brother-in-arms.
Mom & Dad — for your unconditional love.
Joana — for always listening.
Joachim — for introducing me to these beautiful people.
Jackie — for early listening & inspiration.
Hugo — for your patience, organization & extension for this project.
Sandbox Porto Hub — too many to name here, but I’m forever grateful.
And the rest of my growing family — for teaching me how to love. You are home.

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