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Carioca Connection Season 4
Episode: Custo de vida no Brasil - Uma breve análise
The real Brazilian Portuguese
Carioca Connection Season 3
Episode: 7 Expressões que você precisa saber em português.pdf
The real Brazilian Portuguese
Carioca Connection Season 2
Episode: Porque amamamos o Brasil
The real Brazilian Portuguese
Carioca Connection Season 1
Episode: Café da manhã
The real Brazilian Portuguese
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"I've fallen more in love with Brazil's music, culture, + language through this podcast!"
"I've been listening to Carioca Connection for one and a half years—since I began my Portuguese-learning journey, and I absolutely love listening to their podcast. My understanding of the spoken language has expanded through hearing their fun and interesting conversations. The best part is how listening to this podcast has played a role in how I've been able to deepen my relationships with my Brazilian friends here in the U.S. As a language teacher who comes from a bilingual upbringing, I've also appreciated Alexia and Foster's eye to linguistics and language acquisition. I've fallen more and more in love with the music, history, and culture of Brazil through their thorough and broad topics. I can't wait to keep training my ear to speak with the unique Carioca "sotaque" (my favorite accent from Brazil—the Rio accent), and to keep opening my heart to more and more knowledge about the people and culture of Brasil through Carioca Connection. I hope they record a thousand more seasons ;) Muito obrigada Alexia e Foster! Tudo de bom para vocês!"
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I speak three other languages and can say that for me this is one of the best language instructional programs around.
"I just discovered this fresh and super instructive Brazilian Portuguese podcast, and it's totally addictive. It's exactly what I've been looking for to learn real Portuguese, including all sorts of slang expressions and the little conversational fillers and cues that are part of normal conversations. It requires a reasonable foundation in the language and builds vocabulary and a sense of how it all really works almost immediately. The podcasts and worksheets are high quality and still improving; hosts Alexia and Foster provide a great look into how a Carioca and an advanced and improving non-native speaker relate to the language. The third season just finished. The mix of topics includes just about anything you can think of in daily life, from ordering in metric units in a supermarket to European Portuguese to Giselle's role in Brazilian life to unique Brazilian expressions to elections and much more. The episodes about Brazilian music, especially the ones with guest Renato, are worth the cost of the audio and transcripts by themselves. I speak three other languages and can say that for me this is one of the best language instructional programs around. It's a lot of fun!"
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"Thanks for this podcast!"
"This is an excellent podcast for students of Portuguese. They have some interesting guests and they discuss many fascinating, relevant topics and themes. Thanks to this podcast, I have the confidence not only to practice Portuguese, I can also follow along with other podcasts that are targeted for native speakers."
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What our listeners are saying...
I've tried every Portuguese resource under the sun, and these podcasts are by far my favorite. The conversations keep me company on my commute, and then I can review the worksheets when I get home. It almost feels like I'm back in Rio!
As a brand new student to Brazilian Portuguese, I am excited to have the oppotunity to listen to such a well-produced, high quality podcast. Alexia and Foster are to be commended fo putting together content that is accessible to absolute beginners but has plenty of content for more advanced learners, as other reviews here attest to. The conversational content isn't contrived, and if something that's said is a bit too quick, or you want to see exactly how the sentence was constructed, you can easily obtain the transcripts. I look forward to getting further into the series. Muito obigrado, Alexia & Foster!
I just listened to the first five episodes and this exactly what I needed! The conversations are natural, but still keep me very engaged. Looking forward to more in the future!
I started learning Portuguese before the Olympics and Carioca Connection has been a good way for me to keep up with the language and news from Brazil. Recommend.
Just came across Carioca Connection and loving it so far. I can understand a lot and am learning with every episode.
I've listened to a lot of different podcasts in an effort to improve my proficiency of Portuguese. This is the first one I've come across that discusses art, culture, and what it's like to be a young person living in Rio de Janeiro. The hosts (Foster, an American and Alexia, a Brazilian) are smart, witty, and oftentimes hilarious. They really feed off of each others personality and provide a unique perspective of Brazilian and US life. Couldn't recommend highly enough!
I'm planning an extended trip to Brazil in the near future and this podcast is full of great insights on Brazilian culture and travel tips. Highly recommended for anyone trying to hone their speaking and listening skills!
Olá! We are so happy you found Carioca Connection. We started making podcasts for Brazilian Portuguese learners way back in 2015. Since then, we've connected with more than 75,000 around the globe. Valeu!
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