Season 5

Season 5

Season 5 was definitely a crazy ride...


After a few hiccups, a global pandemic, and 7 months physically apart — we finally finished Season 5 of Carioca Connection! In this season we focus on getting Foster’s Portuguese back into  shape. After months of not speaking much Portuguese, he’s reunited with Alexia in Portugal, trying to understand a completely different accent, struggling with the language barrier and masks, so it’s been really fun and challenging for him. Throughout the season we talk about the pandemic, our new puppy, vocabulary about animals, the art of recovering a language, and much more!

Season 5 - Worksheets & Transcripts

S05:E01 - Carioca Connection apresenta: quinta temporada especial!
S05:E02 - Conversando sobre a Pandemia {Parte I}
S05:E03 - Conversando sobre a Pandemia {Parte II}
S05:E04 - Conversando sobre a Pandemia {Parte III}
S05:E05 - Apresentando: Buddy!
S05:E06 - Cachorro: vocabulário!
S05:E07 - Animais espiões!
S05:E08 - Comandos!
S05:E09 - Como recuperar uma língua
S05:E10 - Finalmente juntos!