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Modern-day textbooks

Our completely reinvented worksheets contain annotated transcriptions with the most important vocabulary you need to know, essential expressions and slang, grammatical and cultural explanations, and much more.


Members-only material

We are always creating new resources to help you with your Portuguese. Most of this doesn’t end up on the podcast. Our member get full access to special projects, unpublished material, and entire courses only for members.


Conversation meetups

We host a variety of member-only events each week. Our workshops, member meetups & conversation classes provide a safe space to practice and will motivate you to consistently improve your Portuguese.


Level up your Brazilian Portuguese

With our extensive catalogue of high-quality resources, exclusive members-only content, and weekly live classes — your Brazilian Portuguese will be on a fast-track to fluency.


Don’t take our word for it…

We don’t like to talk about ourselves, but we don’t mind if our students do…

“The CC Club has made me more confident in speaking Portuguese with people that I don’t know, which can be very intimidating…I love the CC Club!”

Ryan, CC Club Member ★★★★★

“The CC Club has been a fun way to strengthen my Portuguese skills. Above anything, it’s made me more confident in speaking Portuguese with people that I don’t know, which can be very intimidating.

Alexia and Foster really care about improving their students' skills, and make sure that each student gets a chance to speak during the classes. They are very open to questions that the students have, and are happy to answer them.

It’s also great to have access to all of the podcasts and transcripts to build vocabulary and grammar skills among other resources in the Member’s Area.

In addition to all of this, you get to meet interesting people from all over the world!  I love the CC Club!”

“After a few sessions, I felt like I transformed what I had been learning in classes into actually being able to have real conversations!”

Hannah, CC Club Member ★★★★★

When I first joined I was still really nervous about speaking in Portuguese and I was rehearsing phrases in my head before I spoke.

Now I feel like I can speak with ease about most topics, a lot of which is more about confidence than actual vocabulary. Alexia and Foster are great at giving helpful tips, whilst giving lots of space to speak and try things out (They're also great at decoding strange things you're trying to say!).

CC club has a fun and relaxed vibe, different from taking lessons. After a few sessions, I felt like I transformed what I had been learning in classes into actually being able to have real conversations!

Members-only exclusives


Adventures with Alexia!

These exclusive episodes are real-life conversations between Brazilians, so they are more advanced than our usual episodes — perfect for ambitious students looking to reach fluency even faster.

“If you're looking for a supportive, flexible, and affordable way to expand your understanding of Brazilian Portuguese and culture, CC Club is it!”

Carly, CC Club Member ★★★★★

"I began my Portuguese-learning journey with the Carioca Connection podcast, and recently decided to join the CC Club, after trying some other online and in-person Portuguese classes and tools.

With multiple live classes per month, plus TONS of thoughtful online content to review at your own pace, CC Club has helped me become more consistent and committed in my Portuguese learning journey.

I'm able to revisit podcast episodes and review them with the transcripts, so I can learn even more from them than before. Adventures with Alexia has been an amazing resource to challenge my comprehension, along with lessons recorded in different regional Brazilian accents.

Alexia and Foster are so helpful, responsive, and thoughtful in their teaching styles and the materials they've put together. The live classes are engaging, fun, informative, and inclusive. I always come away from them feeling challenged (in a good way!), with lots of new vocabulary and a better understanding of Brazilian culture.

If you're looking for a supportive, flexible, and affordable way to expand your understanding of Brazilian Portuguese and culture, CC Club is it!”


The Fundamentals of Brazilian Portuguese

A 4-week course covering the providing a solid foundation for your Brazilian language, conversational & cultural skills.

Great for inspired beginners looking to kick-start their Portuguese as well as more advanced students needing some review.

“Ready to meet my in-laws!”

Pieterjan, CC Club Member ★★★★★

"Thanks to the weekly calls in the CC club, I was able to quickly improve my Portuguese and I feel ready to meet my Brazilian in-laws!

The topics in the calls are always interesting, and I always felt safe to just talk, fail and learn.

Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn quickly and have fun in the process!”

Learning is better together


Weekly live classes

Join us for weekly meetups, workshops and conversations classes. We offer a safe space to practice your Portuguese and have fun at the same time.

We use breakout rooms to accommodate all levels of students. Everyone is welcome and we always have a good time!


Your questions, answered.

Even for experienced language learners, Brazilian Portuguese is tricky. Whenever you have a question, you can drop by our office hours and we will answer it for you.


I speak three other languages and can say that for me this is one of the best language instructional programs around!”


“It's exactly what I've been looking for to learn real Portuguese, including all sorts of slang expressions and the little conversational fillers and cues that are part of normal conversations.

The podcasts and worksheets are high quality...hosts Alexia and Foster provide a great look into how a Carioca and an advanced and improving non-native speaker relate to the language.

The mix of topics includes just about anything you can think of in daily life, from ordering in metric units in a supermarket to European Portuguese to Giselle's role in Brazilian life to unique Brazilian expressions to elections and much more.

The episodes about Brazilian music, especially the ones with guest Renato, are worth the cost of the audio and transcripts by themselves. I speak three other languages and can say that for me this is one of the best language instructional programs around. It's a lot of fun!"

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How do I know if the membership is right for me?

If you are a fan of our our podcast, you are a perfect fit for the membership. We created this for listeners of our show. With that said, the membership will be especially valuable if you are:

  • Are serious about taking your Brazilian Portuguese to the next level
  • Are motivated and willing to dedicate time and effort to study
  • Want to visit or live in Brazil and truly connect with the culture
  • Know that the best way to learn a language is by making friends
I’m still a beginner, can I participate in the membership?

Most of our materials are in Portuguese — so we recommend some basic knowledge of Portuguese for members. If you can understand at least half of our podcast — you are good to go. If you’re sure, feel free to get in touch at

I already speak Portuguese pretty well — what’s in it for me?

First of all, congratulations! Many of our members are very advanced speakers and find enormous value from the nuances of our worksheets, our advanced special projects (like Adventures with Alexia), and the opportunity to speak Portuguese on a regular basis.

Can I get a free sample of a worksheet?

Of course! You can get a free sample (and a nice little tutorial of our worksheets) using this link — What's in a Worksheet?

What if I'm just old school and want the worksheets in PDF format

We like old school. If you purchased the worksheets in the past, you will still have access to them and they are yours to keep forever. If you would prefer PDF's for the new material — you can print PDF versions of the new worksheets as well.

How should I study with the worksheets?

Students use the worksheets in many different ways, depending on their language level, learning preferences and goals. Throughout the membership, we provide a variety of strategies to make the most of our high-quality resources.

Isn't the podcast free? Why should I pay for the membership?

Yes, the Carioca Connection podcast is free and will be for the foreseeable future. The paid material in the Club includes but is not limited to:

  • Worksheets for all episodes!
  • Early access to new material
  • Behind the scenes access to Carioca Connection Labs
  • Exclusive participation in Special Projects like Adventures with Alexia
  • Live events like workshops, monthly meetups & conversation classes
  • And of course, you're supporting our work so we can continue providing free material
What if I join the Club and don't realize it is not a good fit?

No worries at all. We seriously doubt that will be the case — we think you're going to love it. We are so confident in the quality of the material that we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you're not happy, we're not happy.

What if I've already purchased the worksheets in the past?

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“So helpful!”

“As an English speaker I benefit from listening to both Foster and Alexia speak.

Foster’s accent is easier for me, but the goal is to be able to understand native speakers, so I love being able to experience both in one short episode. I read the transcript and listen to one episode a day. I love picking up on the colloquialisms so when I go back to Brazil I will be able to speak and interact naturally with people.

Thanks Foster & Alexia!”

“I’ve listened to every episode of this podcast and it has helped my Portuguese so much!”

I’ve never been to Brazil, but after listening to these episodes, I can now listen to the news in Brazilian Portuguese and mostly understand what’s going on! I especially love some of the more recent episodes where the hosts really open up about issues that are important to them, like mental health.

Obrigada, Alexia e Foster!”

Fantástico!! Que Legal queridos!”


I grew up in São Paulo a long time ago. I hadn’t been back in 35 years and I fell in love with Brazil all over again.

While I had retained a good deal of Portuguese over the years, it was a struggle. Reading a lot helped of course, but understanding the spoken word was difficult. Especially for me. I’m deaf and wear hearing aids and English is tough. You guys helped a lot!”

"I've fallen more in love with Brazil's music, culture, language through this podcast!"


“I've been listening to Carioca Connection for one and a half years—since I began my Portuguese-learning journey, and I absolutely love listening to their podcast.

My understanding of the spoken language has expanded through hearing their fun and interesting conversations. The best part is how listening to this podcast has played a role in how I've been able to deepen my relationships with my Brazilian friends here in the U.S.As a language teacher who comes from a bilingual upbringing, I've also appreciated Alexia and Foster's eye to linguistics and language acquisition.

I've fallen more and more in love with the music, history, and culture of Brazil through their thorough and broad topics. I can't wait to keep training my ear to speak with the unique Carioca "sotaque" (my favorite accent from Brazil—the Rio accent), and to keep opening my heart to more and more knowledge about the people and culture of Brasil through Carioca Connection.

I hope they record a thousand more seasons ;) Muito obrigada Alexia e Foster! Tudo de bom para vocês!"

Absolute best podcast to learn Portuguese…”


“There really aren't many other apps or podcasts out there that will help you as much as Carioca Connection. It is a pleasure listening to and learn not only the language but also about the culture and history of Brazil. It never gets dull, they always cover interesting topics. Which is kind of important when you as a language learner have to listen to it over and over again ;-)

I highly recommend buying the pdfs they offer on their website. If you are like me and have difficulties in the beginning understanding spoken Portuguese, the pdfs will help you tremendously connecting the visual with the spoken word in your brain.

Another plus of this podcast is that it is entirely in Portuguese. As I said above, you need to know the basics of the language. But together with the pdfs you don't "waste" time on listening to the English translation and make your learning time much more efficient.

I had a private teacher twice a week for over three years. While this certainly helped me to learn the basics of the language, the effect of this podcast in regards to my listening comprehension is incredible.

Sure, you have to be dedicated and listen to the episodes over and over again, but you will notice after a while that you will be able to comprehend Portuguese much better.

Thank you Alexia and Foster for putting together such a wonderful und useful podcast.


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  • Adventures with Alexia course ($99)
  • The Fundamentals of Brazilian Portuguese course ($99)
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  • 14-day money-back guarantee.
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  • Immediate access to all material.