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"The Carioca Connection Podcast was just what I needed to get my Portuguese back on track. It has been almost 2 years since I set foot in Brazil, and their worksheets have shaped up my Portuguese to what it use to be! Valeu, galera!"
Dylan, Senior Consultant, IBM
"Carioca Connection really is the total package for anyone seeking to progress their spoken Portuguese. The fusion of Brazilian culture into their material keeps me coming back to the podcasts and fuels my passion for learning the language!"
Geologist, Chevron
As a brand new student to Brazilian Portuguese, I am excited to have such a well-produced, high quality podcast. Alexia and Foster are to be commended for putting together content that is accessible to absolute beginners but has plenty of content for advanced learners. The conversation isn't contrived, and if something is said a bit too quick, or you want to see exactly how a sentence was constructed, you can easily obtain the transcripts. I look forward to getting further into the series. Muito obrigado, Alexia and Foster!
James Davis Ford
Polyglot, iTalki
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